Interior Design Trends You’ll See Come and Some That Will Go in 2024


Kim Schneider of Coastal Designs by KimBy Kim Schneider, Coastal Design by Kim

Happy New Year! Hope you had a joyful and memorable December. Now that the holiday hustle and bustle is over and the decorations are packed away, we can turn our attention to refreshing our home for the new year. Below are a few trends you’ll see and few that will disappear this year.

2024 Trends

• Earthy Tones – We are going to see a lot of rich, earthy tones. Look for earthy brown tones, dark mossy greens, aubergine (deep purple) and amber (golden brown hue) to help bring a cozy welcoming atmosphere to your space. Bold, moody colors are a vibe that’s becoming increasingly popular. Expect to see these colors used on cabinets, too.
• Nature is coming indoors. You will see more natural materials such as bamboo and linen, plants and natural light (think larger windows) being utilized in the home.
• Texture is still forging forward in upholstery – the richer the better.
Remember those scalloped details on furniture? They’re back! You will begin seeing them implemented on furniture, upholstered pieces and as an accent on cabinetry. If you love antique shopping, this may be where you will find your best scalloped furniture pieces. Adding an antique piece of furniture to your space creates charming results.
• Stacked Tile is becoming increasingly popular. Subway tile has been around for quite sometime. But, instead of the standard brick layout, a modern twist is stacking it either vertically or horizontally. Stacking your tile will provide a timeless look for years of enjoyment.
• Large Format Tiles are making a statement on both floors and walls. They’re oversized and offer a high tactile quality with dramatic patterns and minimal grout lines. They have a big personality and make a grand statement.
• Geometric Shapes are being revived. We can expect to see these designs in light fixtures. It’s been said that shapes and curves appeal to our brains.
• Shiplap is everywhere. But, the latest trend is installing it vertically (think paneled walls from the 70’s) and painting them.

Interior DecoratingFading Trends

• Grey has been popular for years, but it’s disappearing quickly. It’s taking a backseat to the increasingly popular moody earth tones.
• Monochromatic designs are being considered outdated as these shades are being replaced with bolder moody colors.
• Mass Produced Furniture has been popular for a long time due to its budget friendly pricing and the quick ship availability offered. Due to today’s sustainability and environmental awareness, people are no longer interested in disposable furniture.
• Caning and Wicker Furniture may have a nostalgic feel, but it has limited versatility and doesn’t hold up well.
• Concrete floors, high ceilings, exposed architectural elements and pipes referred to as the Industrial Style is no longer being sought after for home life. People are shifting towards a more cozy, inviting vibe.
• The Open Concept floor plan is falling out of favor as people are looking for smaller, cozier, intimate spaces.

This year I believe we will see homes become cozier through paint color, furniture and textiles. Trends definitely come and go, but I’m a fan of doing what makes you comfortable in your home.

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