From Zero to Hero: Unleashing Your Inner Superhero to Join the Elite 3% Club!


By Bill Mason, Rocket Fuel Coach

Have you ever wondered how some achieve their Big Harry Goals while others only daydream? Get ready for enlightenment! There’s a secret society of extraordinary achievers, a select 3% who conquer goals with a superhero-like spirit. And guess what? You’re invited to join their ranks!

It all begins with a look back into the past into 2023, like a brave hero contemplating the battles won and triumphs achieved. Take a moment to revel and celebrate the glory of your past victories, no matter how modest they may seem.

Did you finally master the art of crafting the perfect meeting? Or maybe you’ve effortlessly mastered something that provokes you and stirs anger within you? It could be learning how to better network with clients. Regardless of its scale, each triumph stands as a resounding testament to your unwavering resilience and determination.

Next, embarking on this remarkable journey requires looking forward to the adventure in 2024. Dreams and goals for the year will serve as your unwavering North Star, an illuminating beacon guiding your path. However, we do not speak of commonplace goals. Nay, we delve into the realm of minimum, target and stretch goals.

Envision this:

Minimum goals (earning what I earned the previous year), shall accompany you as steadfast sidekicks throughout your odyssey. They are realistic, attainable, and designed to keep your motivation aflame despite adversity.

Target goals (earning 25% more than made the previous year), on the other hand, assume the role of your primary missions. They are both challenging and attainable, serving as the driving force that propels you out of bed each morning, brimming with determination and ready to conquer the world. Stretch goals (earning 50% more than made the previous year) represent the ultimate bosses of your grand saga. They are Big Harry Goals and may even induce a tinge of trepidation. Yet, when you emerge triumphant from the crucible, the ensuing euphoria is truly unparalleled and can drive success without crippling you if you do not reach them.

What is a superhero without a loyal and trusted ally? Forge an unbreakable bond with a mentor, coach or resolute friend who shall serve as your unwavering support amidst the tumultuous chaos of life. They shall extend a helping hand when you find yourself swinging precariously through the intricacies of existence, ensuring that you remain focused, motivated and grounded throughout every twist and turn.

Throughout this extraordinary journey, always remember that every step taken forward constitutes progress, regardless of its magnitude. No superhero has ever soared to great heights without experiencing a few missteps. So, don your metaphorical cape, embrace the hero within, and join us in the illustrious 3% club. Here’s to a future where your goals transcend the realm of mere dreams and become your tangible reality. So, my valiant friend, are you prepared to leap into the extraordinary?

As we enter 2024, remember that you don’t have to embark on this journey alone. Let’s collaborate and explore the possibilities ahead. Together, we can turn the impossible into the possible and make your dreams a reality. Bill Mason, ICF PCC, CPLC, call 850-855-3430 or email

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