Wisdom Workforces for the Emerald Coast and Beyond


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By Dr. Jeff and Robin Cerny

Because of technology change and the associated worker turbulence, greater attention is being placed on workforce development. Workforce Development refers to policies and initiatives aimed at improving the skills, education, and overall employment prospects of workers in the labor force.

The rapid pace of technological change is disrupting work and workplaces. Policy makers have been slow or unable to predict what skills will be needed in our future businesses. As a result, more and more workers are finding that their acquired skills are quickly becoming obsolete.

A workforce that seeks wisdom will develop ‘higher level skills’ needed for change.
The Bible teaches that while human beings can make plans and decisions, it is God who orders our steps and guides our paths (Proverbs 16:9). This scripture encourages the development of a Wisdom Workforce in three ways. 1) Wise workers approach their tasks with humility and a willingness to learn. Instead of assuming that they have all the answers, wise workers seek God’s guidance and wisdom in their work. 2) Understanding that God may guide our paths in unexpected ways helps wise workers to be flexible and adaptable. Instead of being stuck in rigid plans or expectations, wise workers are open to change or even better yet will generate divine ideas and open doors. 3) Wise workers trust that God will guide them in the right direction, even when things seem uncertain or difficult. Instead of being uncertain and anxious, this trust provides a sense of peace and confidence that will be beneficial in any workplace. Wisdom Workers which include the Leaders are willing to learn, to adapt, and are confident in their ordained steps.

C12EmeraldCoast.Com is a Wisdom Investment Group. It operates in Cohorts of 12 committed Business Leaders that share Godly Wisdom and Best Practices together for a Greater Purpose.