Grounding – Why Should You Be Doing It?


Kay Leaman Healthy DayBy Kay Leaman, Health Architect, HealthyDay HealthyLife

Back in the early eighties, there was a really cool eatery/bar off one of the side streets just outside downtown Denver. They had these thin black cylinders hanging from the ceiling spaced every few feet. I inquired as to what they were and discovered they dispersed negative ions which calms the patrons. My response was hmmm.

Fast forward to our current day and the practice of grounding is becoming more mainstream for the benefits it claims. My search into the why and how of this practice took me down the road of physics, geophysics and quantum physics. These areas are definitely outside my wheelhouse but proved to hold the answers I was looking for.

In physics, grounding is the process of restoring the electrical connection with the earth. The earth can serve as an electron donor as needed because of its ability to disperse charge, positive and negative, and not just as an electron accepter as in a lightning rod. Our air is an insulator and the human body is conductive. That’s why we are more susceptible to being shocked if we’re in the open during a lightning storm.

Women's feet on a green lawn in the park. Relaxation, Rest. Grounding. Woman resting on lawnThe electricity produced in our bodies is what allows the synapses, signals and even our heartbeats to occur. It’s what allows us to bend our joints, open a jar or have a thought. Everything in creation is made up of atoms which are made up of protons (+ charge), electrons (- charge) and neutrons (neutral). Negativity is the natural resting state of our cells. It’s related to a slight imbalance between charged atoms located inside and outside the cell. These atoms are called ions. It’s a state of being that scientists call the resting membrane potential (RMP).

Now we can move on to oxidative stress, which is caused by free radicals. Electrons want to be in pairs. If they aren’t, these molecules with unpaired electrons try their hardest to solve that problem which leads to reactions that cause oxidative stress and this process can result in inflammation. Inflammation is believed to be the cause of all disease.

Enter antioxidants. These kiddos don’t mind helping out. They will either donate or take an electron in order to pair them up. This helps to neutralize these free radicals so they can be safely eliminated from the body.

In the quantum physics realm, they have discovered something interesting with trees. As trees grow, their roots spread outward vs. downward. In the forest, the trees’ roots intertwine. Messages pass through this root system. If a tree is under stress, it sends out a signal and the healthy trees will send that tree some of their nutrients. I’m telling this story because there is a connection in creation. We have plants that can mend, nourish, calm and heal. All life uses electricity to communicate. I’m sure I’m not even touching the surface of this vast science. Luckily, we don’t need to fully understand the science in order to benefit from its implications.

Now that we have a better scientific understanding of the electrical processes which, by the way, is not exhaustive (thank goodness!) we can get back to grounding.

This practice can help regulate these electrical systems in our body. It is accomplished by connecting the skin to the ground. Try gardening without gloves and getting your hands in the dirt or the more common way, going barefoot and walking or standing in the sand, dirt, grass, water or rocks. In other words, get skin in direct contact with the natural ground. 10-30 minutes daily can have the following benefits:

• Improved blood flow, mood, wound health, physical and immune functions, energy and sleep quality
• Increased heart rate variability, post-exertion muscle soreness, pain, inflammation, autoimmune signaling, stress
• Reduced fatigue and tiredness

So, wander around your yard while drinking a cup of tea or coffee, walk the beach, or find another way to spend time letting nature share its benefits. Here’s to Health!

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