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travel with jodell haverfieldBy JoDell Haverfield, Have Travel Memories

Royal Decorating

The idea of painting front doors black originated when Queen Victoria ordered that upon her death all front doors would be painted black in mourning. Today, the black front door is still a very popular trend. Row houses popular in London would have a variety of colored front doors to help the man of the house find his way home should he have had too many drinks at the local pub. It seemed that remembering the color was easier than the address. Sometimes a window would be painted on a home because glass was too expensive to buy for a real window.

Coffin Ships

During the Great Irish Famine from 1845 to ‘52, many were willing to sail the coffin ships as they were known, in the hope of reaching America. For these Irish people, being packed in dark, tight horrific quarters for months and even the risk of drowning seemed better than starving to death at home. The population in Ireland went from 8.4 million down to 2 million by the time it ended.

The Titanic

Construction of the Titanic commenced in 1909 in Belfast Ireland for the British shipping company, the White Star Line. On Wednesday April 10, 1912, the RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton, England, on her maiden Voyage to New York. We saw the Oceanic House where the passengers purchased their tickets for that fateful voyage. As we sailed from Southampton in 2023, I couldn’t help but think of the Titanic as well as all those who sailed to America under less favorable circumstances.

Large Petticoats

At the first showing of Handles Messiah in Dublin at noon April 13, 1742, the New Music Hall was so crowded the ladies were asked to remove their hoops in order to make more room.

Travel Trafalgar Square Lion 2023The Queens Lions

Trafalgar Square is the center point of London with two large, sculptured lions at the base. Queen Victoria acquired a recently deceased lion from a zoo for the artist to use as a model as he was not familiar with sculpting animals. Because the deceased lion was soaked in formaldehyde the lion began to smell before he was able to finish the job and another lion was not available. The problem was solved as the hind end of the lions was modeled after a cat.

Electricity, Jewels and Heads

The Savoy in London was the first electric hotel. The Tower of London is not only home to the famous Crown Jewels, but is also where three queens lost their heads.

London Bridges

The London Bridge was built by Romans and the Waterloo Bridge was built by women. The Millennium suspension foot bridge is one of the newest bridges over the Thames and opened in the year 2000 in honor of the 2nd millennium. When a crowd of 2000 first walked over it the bridge wobbled so badly that it took 2 years to figure out why. When it was reopened it was affectionally known as the Wobbly Bridge. Today this bridge is a beautiful addition to the Thames River and is designed to support 5000 people. In 1859 the Thames was known as the sewer of London.


I didn’t know red hair came from the Vikings. The red-haired Vikings invaded and plundered Scotland and Ireland then became their neighbors, and the rest is history.

We had an amazing time touring England, Scotland and Ireland. I can’t wait to go back; there was so much to see and do, we just couldn’t do it all.

Lakes and Mountain Passes

Now we’re in Utah at a beautiful mountain home overlooking Bear Lake—for a while. The main route to and from Bear Lake is through a canyon pass that is breathtaking every season of the year.

As we enjoyed Thanksgiving this year, I was reminded again of our freedom to travel and the many opportunities I have had to visit so many beautiful places and countries. I never get tired of cruising, touring and, most of all, visiting loved ones. Next month, I will share my travel plans for 2024.

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