Blessed By Mom


To celebrate this Mother’s Day, Destin Life asked, “What blesses (or blessed) you about your mom?”

Mother Lizzy ChapmanMy mom blesses me by being an amazing role model (and boss!) and supporting me in everything I do. She encourages everyone she knows to be their best and leads her staff and her family so well, always pointing them to Christ!
Lizzy Chapman, Director of Marketing, Melting Pot Destin

Mother Pastor Doug StaufferMarianne Stauffer: Forever cherished, deeply missed. Mom was a loving beacon of devotion and class. She died on the morning of Mother’s Day 2021 before I preached, so I will always continue to honor her on that special day. She is pictured here with her devoted husband, son, and daughter-in-law, Judy. Her legacy of selfless love inspires me daily.
Doug Stauffer, Pastor, Faith Independent Baptist Church, Niceville, and Life Media Writer

My mom blesses me with unwavering constancy, she wrote the book on a strong work ethic and never wavers in her faith in The Lord. Her strength through adversity is a visual reminder daily of what I can do.
Lorenda Smith, Director of Marketing & Retail, First National Bank

My mom was always my encourager. She was a best friend and constant with the biggest heart, and she always told me that I could do anything my heart desired if I set my mind to it. She made sure I knew the Lord and prayed for me always. Her love was like no other. The best mom, Nana, and best friend.
Adrianne Brackett, Licensed Stylist-Educator, Pure & Couture Salon, Pure Collective Salon

My mom, Minnie Dickerson, is no longer with us, but she was ALWAYS there for us no matter the sport or event, she was in the crowd cheering us on and she continued that with not only her grandchildren, but her great grandchildren also! I’m also blessed to have an amazing mother in law that is always supportive of her family. She has such a gentle and kind spirit and loves the Lord with everything in her! She is a true blessing to everyone in her family!
Bonnie Manthey, Loan Originator, Gerber Group at Homeside Financial

My Mom is a blessing in many ways – but number one is she is always praying.
Dan Collins, AJ’s Restaurants

My Mom, Carol, was a blessing in so many ways. She was compassionate and loving yet firm. She instilled in me to be a gentleman, to always give my best and to never quit.
Scott Miller, Director of Sales & Advertising, Life Media Group

My Mother fostered intellectual growth in me and a desire to continue to learn throughout my life. She was a woman of great integrity, living her values through example to her family.
Carolyn Ketchel, Okaloosa County Commissioner District 2

Mother Julie PorterfieldMy mom has blessed me with unwavering unconditional love. I am blessed and grateful God chose her to be my mom.
Julie Porterfield, Chief Executive Officer, Emerald Coast Children’s Advocacy Center

My mother, Rose, was my inspiration. A teacher and a mom, she told me how important it was to have a career with a purpose. I remembered her words when my husband died at a young age and I raised three children on my own. I was fortunate to have a job at a local school system as a guidance counselor. I was grateful for taking my mother’s advice, so I was prepared to help my family financially.
Barbara Palmgren, Life Media writer & Heritage Museum of NWFL Board

Mother Mary Ann Windes IMG_0550My mom taught me to be honest and be tough! She was an amazing businesswoman who focused a lot of energy on her little project.
Mary Anne Windes, Real Estate Professionals

Mother Greg DuretteMy mom, Claudette Canuel, has blessed me with a tenacity balanced with empathy which brought my family to live in this paradise!
Greg Durette, Florida Health Connector

“My mother, Lois Dokey, has been a true blessing and an inspiration to me. Despite facing impossible odds, she not only beat cancer once but twice. She is a remarkable example of what it means to be a fighter and never give up. In the attached picture, you can see my mother, who has been in remission for eight years, surrounded by me, my husband Mike, and her two granddaughters, Jenna (15) and Elizabeth (13).”
Catherine Card, Public Information Officer, Okaloosa County School District

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