Ask Destinites: Where Locals Get Local News


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By Patricia Lee, Owner

This article is especially good if you are a new resident to the Destin area. In our Facebook Destinites local’s group ( this month, there was some discussion about where to find local news since Destin doesn’t have a news station. We have a lot of new residents and they are interested to know where locals get their local news. Below are some of the member responses.

1. “I don’t watch the local news. You’ll actually find out what is going on locally faster on FB. Also a lot of news never makes it on TV if it’s bad for our tourism.”

2. “WJHG (Panama City NBC affiliate) has a Firestick app. You can watch all their live newscasts, or recordings of older ones, it’s my go-to! They definitely cover Destin, usually showing the harbor live cam during the weathercasts. Also my favorite local news crew, so recommended.”

3. “I don’t waste time on any local network news channels living by the beach. Waaay too many other great things to do. I do however keep up with current happenings through great local fb pages and Newsmax for bigger things going on.”

4. LocalNow covers decently.

I did find myself watching the Panama City station, WJHG, the most. They do seem to mention Destin some or, at least more than the other stations. It is not a full Destin-area news source though, by any means. I do agree that Local Now does a pretty good job of local news.

Our Facebook Destinites group is not a news platform, but since we are a private group for residents/property owners, if something really important is coming up which will affect the community, one of our members will usually post about it for discussion.

Otherwise, Destin Life newspaper or any one of Life Media’s other local, community newspapers, such as FWB Life and Bay Life, are a great source for community updates, events and a lot of information.

It is also a good idea to follow the Okaloosa county sheriff’s Facebook page and the Destin Chamber Facebook page and website.

If locals want to know about local businesses, sales, special events, services or discounts offered, they can find them in Destin Life. They can also find local business paid sponsors in our Destinites local resident’s Facebook group, where they sometimes offer a special discount to Destinites group members. There are a few local magazines that offer advertising, as well and they can be found in stands around town.

If you are a Destin resident or in the close surrounding area, I invite you to join our private local’s Destinites Facebook group at — more than 7,700 members (Est. Oct. 2018). Check out the monthly newsletter and sponsored local business directory at