Artful Adventures at Fudpucker’s


Have you ever wondered what a VW bus looks like when it’s half-stuck in a building? Or how a T-shirt could become so famous it should probably have its own Hollywood Walk of Fame star? Well, wonder no more! Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill isn’t just a place to satisfy your belly; it’s a feast for your eyes too, with a side of artistic hilarity!

Original T-Shirt Artist: Bud Myrick
Let’s kick off with the shirt that started it all. Bud Myrick’s original airbrush Fudpucker T-Shirt is more than just a shirt; it’s a piece of fabric history! This trendsetting tee can be ogled at the Fudpucker’s Trading Company. And guess what? Bud didn’t stop there. He took his talents to Tinseltown, working on blockbuster films. Talk about going from tees to the big screen! Check out his journey from shirts to stardom at

Fudpuckers Alanis AuthenticsMetal Flower: Alanas Authentics
Enter Alanas Authentics, the welding wizard. Her metal flowers at the entrance aren’t just flowers; they’re ironclad masterpieces, showcasing the delicate art of turning cold metal into warm welcomes. For more of her metal magic, visit

VW Bus: Joselyn Walsh
Now, about that VW bus… Joselyn Walsh transformed an ordinary bus into a Fudpucker’s landmark, literally sticking it to the side of the building! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no—it’s a flying hippie bus! Catch more of JS Walsh’s gravity-defying art at

Fudpuckers Iconic VW BusSecond VW Bus: Anna Garman
And just when you thought one VW bus was enough, enter Anna’s second VW masterpiece! Parked near the Down Under Bar & The Elevator, this selfie-ready bus boasts alligator wings (yes, you read that right!). It’s a see-it-to-believe-it attraction that’s as selfie-worthy as it gets.

Down Under Bar & 3D Art: Andy Saczynski
Andy Saczynski’s art at the Down Under Bar is like stepping into a 3D wonderland. His table art isn’t just for resting your drinks; it’s for tickling your funny bone too. Andy has led the way in culture and award-winning art with his unique and fun artistic vision. Dive into Andy’s world at his local gallery on 30a or at

Character Heads & Older Garage Door: Carlos Alberto Miranda
Carlos, the maestro of massive machete character heads, brings an edge to Fudpucker’s. His art isn’t just seen; it’s experienced, especially at the Gator Point Bar. And let’s not forget his garage door scene, turning a parking lot into an open-air gallery!

Building Art and Shirt Design: Steve Blair
Steve Blair, the Van Gogh of Fudpucker’s, has his artistic fingers in multiple pies. In addition to the Elevator Art and VW Window Art, Steve has created more Fudpucker T-Shirt designs than any three artists, starting back in 1989 when he drew the iconic FISHBONE Beer logo! His designs bring the walls to life, making every corner a visual feast. Check out his portfolio at

Big Deck Garage Door: Destin High School
The Destin High School Art Students put their stamp on Fudpucker’s too. Their recreation of the “Surfer Fud” scene is a testament to the fresh artistic waves these young talents are making.

Other Artwork: Fudpucker Employees
Fudpucker’s employees aren’t just great at serving food; they’re ace artists too! From Greg Kempton’s physical recreation of “Fudpucker Directional Sign” from a T-Shirt to Myranda Elkin’s Teen Night T-Shirts, the staff brings their A-game to the art game.

Fudpucker’s Building: Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards, a.k.a. Captain Fud, is the mastermind behind the building’s layout, turning architecture into art. His touch is everywhere, from elevators to alligator park, proving that Fudpucker’s isn’t just a building; it’s a canvas.

Other Bits Of Art: Various Artists
Fudpucker’s walls are a tapestry of talent, showcasing everything from sublime portraits to anime drawings, to the cast of characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (drawn by the artist himself). It’s like a treasure hidden in every nook and cranny.
Graffiti Signatures: Fudpucker’s Customers

Then there are the graffiti signatures. These aren’t just names on a wall; they’re the autographs of fun, memories, and good times. Each signature is a story, a laugh, and a part of Fudpucker’s soul.

Patron of the Fud-Arts: a.k.a. Chester/Father Fud
And finally, the larger than life himself – Father Fud, who’s keen vision of food and art has brought together this eclectic tapestry of fun and experience. No stranger to sticking his “Fud Junk” on the walls (in an artistic fashion reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting), his patronage of the arts has continued to make Fudpucker’s a visually exciting place to eat.

So, there you have it, folks! Fudpucker’s Beachside Bar & Grill is where art meets heart, and every corner tells a story. It’s a place where you come for the bites, but stay for the sights. So, grab a drink, enjoy the view, and maybe, just maybe, add your own artistic touch to this colorful canvas of chaos and creativity!

Visit Located at 20001 Emerald Coast Parkway. Phone (850) 654-4200.

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